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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Guys Visit me at........http://hollygoesblog.blogspot.com/ 
Please, i will love u forever. 
Its potentially more interesting than my posts here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

11:40AM - mIchelle Jank

mIchelle Jank
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
I love this australian designer, Michelle Jank, she is good at everything she turns her hand to, whether it be styling, beading, making chandeliers or fashion (as seen here)
These colours make my hungry.

Friday, June 9, 2006

10:05AM - Im hungry...hungry for change!

food styling from sumwhere...
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
You know sometimes you just needa jolt. A shock, or a shake or sumthing to make you kind of change ur attitude and shift u a little..change the way u see things...

Yeh, well i need one. And the fact that i know i need a jolt is kind if silly because i should be able to shake myself out of this rut im in.

My biggest problem is that i never make decisions...never big ones anyway, like i will never just quit my job or just move out or anything...

Ok, mini rant is over. I feel better..


Do u think that going overseas by urself is too scary? Keep in mind that i have NO sense of direction whatsoever and im a bit of a baby...could this pose a problem??I am thinking of having more of a live in experience of places rather than contiki style whirlwind tours...

Friday, May 26, 2006

10:15AM - ahh beautiful

 Pretty tile. i just want one to stick in the middle of my wall.. wouldnt that be random.
 I am musing of interior decoration...again.
 i think i need to study some sort of interiors course

Monday, May 15, 2006


Hey there old friend, my livejournal...

Im so embarrased to say that barely anything has happened lately. Like seriously i just thought it over...and nothing of great interest has happened in the last few months.

I am still musing about various things such as beatiful interiors...i.e Kelly wearstlers beatiful and opulent interiors...

Also, pretty magazines. Frankie still has a grip on my heartstrings...i will love that magazine foreverrrrr

Thursday, May 11, 2006

5:15PM - fun times

Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
a few weeks ago...bit of a girls night i guess you could say....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

4:10PM - Second tiny blog

Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
I was really really pleased with this photo. I think its the way the case reflects the doiley...and i just love the colours. Pretty pictures seriously make me smile a lot.

4:05PM - Tiny blog

bits and pieces
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
Today was my day off. I woke up feeling really inspired..so ofcourse i got out my inspiration scrapbook and played around with some glassware and sum other colourful stuff and took some pictures. I love homewares..styling is fun!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

5:15PM - i heart Laura Ashley.

oh laura ashley! you have outdone yourself.....
i now have a desire to work at laura ashley.... 

oh divine!

Throws and little white bed, from 
'The White company'
dont think i would fit in this cutesy bed

i love mohair throws!  Towel ladder aww

Thursday, February 16, 2006

10:31AM - This is testament to how boring my life is...

Here goes...

4 jobs I've had
- visual merchandiser for like two weeks (only work experience)
- waitress for about 4 years
- display assistant at Quantas
- other little things, worked at a market stall..did waitressing at an art gallery thingy for a night etc

4 movies I can watch over and over
- Pulp Fiction
- love song for Bobby long (ok it sounds like i have an obsession with John travolta now)
- Amelie of course
- memoirs of a Geisha

Places I've lived
- Sydney Australia
im only young ok!

4 TV shows (all pretty obvious ones)
- Prison break
- House
- The OC
- Grey's anatomy

4 places I've visited (ive never left Australia!)
- Sydney, Aus
- Melbourne, Aus
- Tasmania, Aus

4 of my favourite dishes
- bruschetta (from 'Orange' in Prahran, Melbourne)
- 5 dollar chicken and cashew nut ($5 thai in Glebe)
- My mums Pumpkin soup!
- My mums walnut burgers hehe

4 sites I visit daily
-google (always something im looking for)
-Ebay ofcourse
-And LJ everyones journals...
+ a few others away from LJ ofcourse

4 places I would rather be
- Melbourne
- woolhara (in sydney)
- English countryside
- Canada

not gunna tag anyone.. i think most people have already been tagged... :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2:07PM - Some teacups styling...and other life issues

some teacups styling
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
I have returned from melbourne again...i went for a brief (but very intense) time..to attend my cousins wedding...Might i add the first and most beatiful wedding ive ever been too!
It was great to catch up with my family that live in Tasmania - We caught up with family friends too. It was heaps of fun!

I started feeling very strange wen i was away tho..it was like this inspired feeling...a feeling that i could do antyhing and go anywhere, i started thinking up plans to move to Melbourne or to Tazzie...

Then wen i got back home it stopped..or i couldnt conjure up those feelings again...which is why i need to go away again!....i am really in Limbo atm

Do u like my little attempt at styling teacups in my bedroom - It was super fun!

Thursday, February 2, 2006

10:44PM - Thinking out loud

Holly's (lack of) work situation

Well apart from working at the Cafe about 3 times a week...i cant say there is much else going on.
This week i did however work at the Qantas terminal again putting up a grand Prix promotion which was interesting..very labour intensive and repetitive but hey it was brilliant money and its paid experience which i certainly need. Looks like i will be getting this work one night every month. Tops!

I think my resume sucks. It kinda looks like a school assignment...and for a creative person it shows no evidence of design, eye grabbing or motivating...is it wrong to make it look a bit more 'creative'? like maybe put it on nice paper, put in a watermark? Add a little picture portfolio to the back of it??
I clearly need help.

Also, another thing that is getting to me..
Nearly everyone i talk to about Visual merchandising seems to indicate that it is pretty boring or repetitive or just plain crap..then again it is a good gateway for interior, fashion or events styling. But that takes a lot of work and im not sure if i can stand putting up with a crap job for a year or so...i have pretty high expectations for a first job which is kinda silly..but i know its possible i just have to get an interview (ITS HARD OK) so that i can knock their socks off! hehe yeh right.

I have been practicing styling things around the house, mantle pieces, my bed, my walls...and then i photograph them..i mean to me they look pretty cool but i really want some proffesional feedback..sigh.
oh well atleast its fun in the meantime.

I want to be a freelance Visual merchandiser
I want to be a stylist
I want to be an interior decorator/designer

Current mood: I think too much.

3:03PM - Some Designers Guild pics to lust over...

which one is your fave!?

Monday, January 30, 2006

10:08PM - Styling practice

I have been practicing some styling/display methods at home, using out paino top as a surface...

as you can see there is a gold, green and pink theme..



And more detail...

I was quite pleased with the results

Sunday, January 22, 2006

7:12PM - My new white desk

My new white desk
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
I thought this desk was pretty enough for me to share...
it is painted in 'milkpaint' and is my new area for display!
I love it to bits.

In other news...
ok so there isnt any other news..
i have been working at the Cafe, and have applied for a few jobs, but no luck yet :(

Things are a little boring at the moment

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

7:11PM - Fifi Chachnil - to die for!

It is a Long Long time dream of mine to design lingerie

however the problem lies with my sewing incapabilities..

i still dream however and obsess about beautiful lingerie...beatiful lingerie like the Fifi Chachnil ranges which are unfortunately very very expensive!


Current mood: dreamy

Monday, January 16, 2006


Suddenly i want to buy these 80's tshirts! and Fast! Which one should i buy!?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

12:08PM - if i owned these things my life would be complete.

Ok im exaggerating but damn these are cute!

I found them on a cute japanese site. Shame i cant read japanese!

I will make another journal entry this arvo with melbourne stuff!..im waiting for my camera batteries to change!

Monday, January 9, 2006

11:51AM - My trip to Melbourne!

My trip to Melbourne!
Originally uploaded by Holly Goes Vintage.
I am back from the falls festival and Melbourne...
and wow!..all of a suddenly i feel worldly!(even tho it was only the next state)..
I love the pace and the feel of melbourne! I shopped till i collapsed.

There is an awesome shop in Prahran and the city called 'Genki'..oh how i love it! i have been dying to go there for a bout a year..and when i got to the city store..there was the coolest window display..exactly the kind of thing i want to be doing!
i have heaps more fotos i have to post but this was the only one i have downloaded.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hello All,
i think it is about time that i said a very Merry Christmas to all my fellow LJ friends
I havent been very festive this month.. YET...i am trying to bring the holiday season into our house, the chrissie lights went up last nite on the deck, which looks good, but lopsided. oh well.

I had my work chrissie party a few nights ago, it was a good night, my boss was being very giving, even offering to pay for our cabs home. we had a great 3 course meal in Leichardt. i really love my work friends, so it was a fun night wiht lots of jokes and drinking. I got the 'Blonde' award..HA!

Not much else has been happening, i bought some new sandal ankle strap shoes with big blue pretty beads on the top...they are pretty as a picture.

ALSO..i took some chrissie gift card sets up to where i sell my cards, and i sold two already, which is great, the lady was apparently really excited about them..aww..

I am going to Melbourne for NYE, actually, i will be in Lorne at the 'Falls Festival'..which should be awesome if i can manage to get there, from taxi, bus, train, bus and shuttle bus..its a bit of a hike! But im ssuuuuuupppperrr excited about it :)
I really must take lots of fotos, of my cards, my shoes and at Falls...ill work on that !

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